Kawasaki Riding Sunglasses Review

We took a pair of these on tour to Ireland this year – Sarah our office pillion wearing them throughout the 1000 mile 10 day trip. Specifically designed for safe use on a motorcycle, the frames are made from soft materials that are also light and sturdy when worn inside a helmet.

Three interchangeable lens options are supplied including, blue iridium for general use, plain for eye protection only and night vision lenses for night driving. The lenses simply click in and out of the frames as required.


Right away its clear that these are not just plastic glasses with a ‘motorcycle’ tag. They really are well designed just for the job. The wrap around lenses are great at protecting the eyes from wind blast, and the iridium lenses cut summer glare and filter out UV for safe day-long use. They fit easily underneath a helmet without feeling like they are sticking into your head and yet feel reassuringly robust and likely to be safe in a crash. They also look cool.

Night vision yellow lenses are great at reducing headlamp glare, while the clear lenses allow you to wear these as sole eye protection if you are sporting an open face helmet. Being safe to use on a bike means you don’t need to carry around 2 pairs. When you stop, just ditch the helmet and carry on wearing the glasses.


Each pair of Kawasaki glasses is supplied in a presentation box and includes a semi rigid carry case and neck strap both featuring the Kawasaki logo. RRP £53.95