Weise Rainsuit Review

Singing in the Rain

We took one of these on a trip to Ireland, where it was worn by Sarah, one of our pillion riders. We put on our waterproofs before setting off, and were glad we did. With over 100 miles to the ferry, the rain poured down with gleeful malice. Worse than that, strong crosswinds combined with heavy traffic on the M4 to raise a wall of dense, wet, greasy spray. Great.

Weise Rainsuit. Image: Key Collection

Weise Rainsuit. Image: Key Collection

And then I heard the singing coming over the intercom…it started at the M5 interchange with Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’, and by Cardiff we were on to ‘I got a feeling’ by the Black Eyed Peas. It was at that point I reached for the off button – a person can only take so much howling in their helmet after all. There was no point is asking how well the suit was keeping Sarah dry though – by the time we reached a soggy Pembroke and I switched back on, she was belting out ‘California Gurls’.


We could leave the review right there, but it’s worth saying something we’ve noticed about all Weise products lately. And that is, what darned good value for money they are. We hadn’t expected too much from the basic black Rainsuit (so basic it doesn’t even seem to have a name except – wait for it – ‘Rainsuit’).

But we were surprised; there are some features on here that would previously only have been found on more expensive suits, and the actual build quality is simply fantastic. £53 to keep your missus dry in some truly awful conditions just has to be a bargain. More than that, the quality looks good enough to last for more than a couple of uses – handy if you want something to keep the water off on your commute, of perhaps for work if you’re a dispatch rider or similar. Read on…..

What’s on offer

The specification includes a nylon outer with part mesh inner lining. It’s fully waterproof (as proved above), and includes taped and welded seams. There’s an elasticated waist for a good fit and 3M reflective bits. It packs down really small for carrying and costs just £52.99 – although it’s possible to get it a bit cheaper by shopping around. The suit comes only in black.

Thigh pocket is handy. Image Key Collection

Thigh pocket is handy. Image Key Collection

Sizing and fit

The suit is ready-designed to go over a textile or leather suit – so no need to buy something oversize. The size chart below should help you get a good fit – although sizing does seem to be pretty accurate. Sarah (5′ 6” and dress size 12) normally takes a Medium and that proved to be the case here.




Image Key Collection

Image Key Collection

Quality is great. the material is light enough to be packed tightly yet strong enough to last. Seams are welded and the zipper is a genuine YKK.

Wearing it


The suit has a long, diagonal zipper that makes getting it on and off easy, even with boots on. There is an elasticated waist, cuffs and popper-fastened trouser ends with an expanding gusset. The elastication does a good job of allowing rider movement while stopping billowing.

The Weise Rainsuit suit does what you most want – it keeps you dry. However it’s not breathable so it could get a bit steamy inside in warmer, more changeable weather. It also is only moderately successful as a wind-proof layer. If you’re going to be riding for longer distances in the wet and cold you might want to consider a suit with a lining.

There’s a handy waterproof pocket on one thigh and the collar is corduroy-lined for comfort. The zipper is protected by a storm flap that is easily fixed in place with gloved hands as it’s Velcro-fastened.


Real world test

Sarah wore the suit twice during our 2 week tour, both times when rain fell heavily and for more than an hour at a time. The results were impressive. 100% waterproof, easy to get on and off, quick drying and simple to pack up really small (although there’s no bag included). No problems with the zip (a nice chunky affair) or other fastenings.



This is a great product at a great price. It hasn’t got the features (breathable, lined, colours, high-viz etc) of some more expensive suits, but it does what it needs to do by keeping you dry in an easy to use one-piece outfit. At this price – it’s a genuine bargain.